19 October, 2011

what's wrong with u ?

Posted by mamay_vyner at 19:59
Heyy , what’s wrong with  you  today ? did I hurt you ? I don’t think so ==”
you make me like super3x CRAZY GIRL ! whatthe ? heyy , what’s you problems ?
What kind of things that you'd been secretive with me ?
I know there is something that you hide from . . oh geez , what's the BIG secret ahh  ?
Honestly, I don't like to be treated like this. .
I am not a little girl  who must be arranged every day. . I'm already a teenager !

thankiee readingg cutie pie !


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Ini blog cik May. Jangan 'copycat' yaa kerana ada mungkin didakwa di mahkamah. hehe xD ^^